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Jana has always had a passion for exercise and taken care of her health. In her role as high-functioning management consultant Jana spent a huge amount of time in meetings, on airplanes and in hotel rooms. This began to take a toll on her physical and emotional well being but rather than give up a career she loved, Jana began to explore ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into her corporate one.

Jana found the solution in Pilates workouts that could be done in a hotel room, adapted to fit the time that was available, using limited space and no equipment. Practicing Pilates meant that when Jana had the time to pursue her other fitness interests, tennis, running and skiing, her body hadn’t weakened. In fact, through specific targeted exercises, Jana found that the Pilates had strengthened the right parts of her body to support her when she had the time to do other workouts.



CoreFit - On the go fitness

Running one day and finding that her lower back was pain-free and that she felt both physically and emotionally strong despite no change in her hectic work schedule Jana realised that she wanted to help others who had been in the same situation as her. Jana took her Pilates certification and started a portfolio career of training others in Pilates whilst still working as a management consultant.

Jana's passion for teaching teaching drove her to reach out to more people and formalize the system that worked to well for her. For business executives and individuals who didn’t have time to fit in a full workout during the day, she created CoreFit. CoreFit is a system of short modular videos that could be accessed over the internet around the globe. The modules are short and compatible. They develop strength and flexibility have a strong focus on your core.

CoreFitnessByJana provides people like Jana - who lead hectic, demanding corporate lives - with an easy means of introducing or maintaining fitness within their busy work schedules.


Realistic exercise for really busy people


Got a minute - Energize at your desk

The next innovation by Jana was even shorter... Accumulating scientific evidence of the negative health effects of prolonged sitting compelled Jana to create 1 minute exercises that can be done right by your desk. Scientific studies supported Jana's belief that one-two minute exercise throughout the working day can increase productivity, reduce stress and improve health. Designed to be practical and minimally disruptive, Jana launched her one minute system as a mobile app with integrated reminders and analytics, (April 2015).

The Got a Minute For Your Health app is available on iTunes. It comes with five free videos and in app purchases offer additional variety.

All Jana's videos are accessible and easy to follow. The videos encourage users to embrace small changes in their lives that can add up to a big difference to their health and wellness.