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2016 Summer Session Begins in May

Summer Rates: Ten classes for $120. Five classes for $70

Spring Summer 2016 Tentative Outdoor Class Schedule:

Tuesdays:  9 AM and 5:30 PM

Thursdays: 9 AM and 5:30 PM

Interested in other times?  Let us know and we will consider adding more class times.

November through March: Join us at our winter home in the lovely World Yoga Center
265 W. 72nd Street


I take a lot of Pilates classes, and it’s usually all about the teacher! Jana is great at giving instruction, I can be in my own center and mind and move with her cue very fluidly which is the best part about her classes! She usually starts off easy and then takes more difficult approaches as the session goes on by gauging her audience. She’s a great teacher and puts a lot of effort into her classes and students!" Carlye W, Registered Dietitian

Pilates is kick-ass! It’s Thursday and I can still feel my Monday workout- love it! My Pilates class with Jana has me aware of my core all the time now, not just in class. My abs are strong and my posture is great. Jana’s down to earth attitude is refreshing and her sculpted physique is inspiring! She leads with a great mix of expertise, encouragement and humor. Lisa D., Personal Health Coach

Pilates in the park with Jana is just what I have been searching for since I moved to NY 5yrs ago. I love the outdoors

@LisaDanielslivevia Twitter
Just had my first Pilates class in Central Park with @CoreFitByJana - she was awesome, sky and trees beautiful, my abs nicely sore.