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Health Systems Group has Got a Minute

Based in Ontario, Canada, the Health Systems Group (HSG) provides professional consulting and management services in fitness, recreation and wellness. HSG is unique in Canada, with over 35 years of experience in partnering with organizations to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

In early 2014 HSG licensed Jana's Got A Minute For Your Health program of one-two minute exercise videos for "at your desk."

"The Got a Minute series enhances our existing wellness programming and offers an easily accessible tool to help employees get out of their chairs without asking them to undertake a large time commitment they cannot make. Jana’s approach is simple, safe, professional and engaging, and that’s what drew us to her product."– Laura Sullivan, Wellness Programmer, HSG

Relationship with Core Fitness By Jana (CFBJ):

Licensed exercise video content:
Got A Minute For Your Health, and
Online Fitness Membership Incentive Program

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BSDI — Keeping Fitness Fun

BSDI is one of the world's leading health promotion technology companies. BSDI's Motivation® web portal is the technology behind programs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Air Force, nationally prominent health and medical organizations, and dozens of Fortune 100 health promotion programs. BSDI also supports hundreds of small health promotion programs because Motivation is both easy to deploy and amazingly cost effective.

BSDI recently launched its Motivation Alliance® system, a gamified web portal built to support evidence-based, comprehensive health promotion programs while maximizing fun and engagement.

Relationship with CFBJ:

licensed health and wellness content focused on fitness

Health & Wellness Expertise

Jana regularly provides expert content for The Examiner, The Expert Beacon and BSDI.


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