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Corporate Health and Wellness programs have been shown through studies to improve employee morale, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity. But in today’s complex “office” environment of multiple/global locations, remote employees and frequent business travel, delivering a Fitness Initiative that can meet the needs of all your employees is a real challenge.

CoreFitnessByJana's "Got a Minute® For Your Health" one-minute videos and CoreFit modular videos (including sports specific workouts) are available to your employees, anywhere, anytime. The exercises are appropriate for all levels of fitness and the practical modular format means videos can be combined for longer workouts or used individually for short focused exercise.

CoreFitnessByJana makes it easy and affordable to help your employees manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

As a Corporation you can:

1) license CoreFitnessByJana.com modular workout videos and "Got A Minute For Your Health" in office exercise videos,

2) choose to sponsor your employees' access to CoreFitnessByJana.com online through a very low < $1 pmpm membership fee, or,

3) CoreFitnessByJana can offer an Affinity Program with significant discounts to your employees for month to month or annual online membership.

Contact Jana directly by email at jana@CoreFitnessByJana.com or by phone at 646-438-9430 for further details.

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